Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Welcome to the Roundtable

Knights of the Roundtable were those men who had been awarded the highest order of chivalry by the legendary King Arthur.  Legend has it that they would sit around a big table that was given to the king by his father in law as a wedding present, drinking mead, chewing tobacco, telling dirty jokes, comparing steeds, cursing the feudalist economy, and planning their next dragon slaying adventures. Legend also says that the table represented equality, since the round table meant that there was no symbolic head of the table. Plus, when everyone gets that sauced, hierarchy tends to flatten out a bit. 

We're a music publishing company. Its not quite the same as saving Gwenevere or ruling a kingdom, but everyone's got their sword and we chose ours to be song. I don't want to deceive anyone into thinking that we are something innovative or that we are attempting to change the way that business or music is done. Truthfully, we know very little about that part of it yet. Our mission is to facilitate a song-writing community that very much resembles King Arthur's court of chivalry.  We believe in the power and beauty of songs, and we believe that there are so many talented voices continuously building upon each other, and we are all right within each other's grasp.  There are no secrets in this business. It all comes back to one thing. A song, to be technical, is simply the combination of a lyric and a melody. To be romantic, a song is spontaneous, creative humanity.  

We think that we excite writers because we are the writers. We want to write great songs and help other people do it, and we want to grow based on this vision. Like Adam says, King Arthur, the Chet Stedman of knights, did not sit around a damn coffee table, and the only way that table grows is through great songs. So mount your steeds and kiss your ladies. Welcome the Roundtable.